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Resident Survey

Our Resident Surveys were completed once again in September/October 2018. 69% of the residents responded to the survey and below are a few of the comments made.

Please click here to open and view our latest residents survey in PDF format.

This is some of what respondents said in our latest survey:

“If I am no longer capable of living in my own home (and I’m certainly not!) then there is nowhere else where I would rather be than OHH.”

“I was one of the first to enter when it was opened and have been very happy.” 

“Recently I asked at short notice if two members of my family could come for lunch. The Kitchen staff fitted them in most helpfully, and they thought the meal excellent.”

“Everything is returned beautifully folded and spotlessly clean. (laundry)”

“I consider the care I receive here is of a very high standard. I am most fortunate to be able to live here.”

“The chef goes to a lot of trouble to make birthday cakes so special.”

“We are VERY well looked after! ”

Note from the Manager

It seems to me that two events have put Hastings on the map: 1066, and Hastings Pier becoming new building of the year for 2017. Dare I say it, but there is now a third event: Old Hastings House’s appearance in the finals of the Skills for Care National Accolades at Earls Court on March 1st. This event is effectively the Annual Oscar night for the social care sector. This achievement was made possible by the commitment, positivity and quality of the staff team shown in their openness to challenge themselves, and others, to constantly improve and not compromising on quality. The most pleasing aspect for me, and the reason why we entered the competition, is the extent to which leadership is now so embedded at all levels as more people step out of the comfort zone and reach their potential. Should key people retire in the next ten years there is now a group behind to be able take us forward. The ability to GYO (“grow your own”) leaders is the barometer of an outstanding service. As we continue to move forward, it is worth taking the time to reflect on this achievement and not just the 15 people attending the event.

2018 will be the year of the “Champions”, as particular staff further develop their specialisms and leadership in key areas relevant to residents. We also hope to become one of the handful of services in the Southeast to achieve The Gold Service Framework award for end-of-life care.

A recently-established Staff focus group, to assist in further improving the culture to ensure that is open, positive, and inclusive at all times, is already having an impact. We never wanted terms such as Choice, Commitment, Caring and Dignity to be buzzwords, so we have arrived at our own statements which more properly explain the uniqueness of Old Hastings House; what we deliver, and what we aspire to. These statements are now displayed around the home.

A number of improvements will take place in the home over the coming year, including the creation of a dedicated reading area, but this will be dwarfed by the major expansion of the Red Floor to create additional communal space, a further conservatory, activity and dining room, secure areas, and enclosed garden. This is just one part of a continuous drive to provide an excellent service in every respect. All of this is made possible by your support. Please keep your ideas coming. Like any good plan, it will need to be simple, but no simpler than that!

Success is always under construction as we go the extra mile.

Monthly Coffee Mornings – All Welcome!

Come and join us on the coffe-tea-011st Wednesday of every month. Coffee, tea, delicious cakes and biscuits, plus stalls and good company.

Wheelchair accessible.

Bits & Bobs

Just to remind all our Residents: Geoff volunteers in running an Art Club, every other Wednesday afternoon (please see planners). He’s a wonderful Artist, come and see what you can do.

We have recently introduced a new interactive tablet called the Breezie. It has a lot to offer: please ask in the office if you would like a demonstration. Breezies are also available to purchase for yourself, if you wish.

The refurbishment on the Green Floor is almost complete: just awaiting the arrival of the new chairs and curtains!

The call bell system has just been updated.

The Blue Lounge Library will be shortly moved to the Blue Activity Room, to give better access and a quiet space to read

Lisa – (Activity Coordinator)

Up-coming Events 2020

Our fundraising events have always been a huge success, raising money for our Residents Fund. This allows us to carry out the extensive programme of resident activities, as well as the other great events we hold throughout the year – all thanks to the support we have from Volunteers, and generous donations. Please put these dates in your diary and let either Sandra or Lisa know if you are free to help.

Many thanks from us all.


As most of you will know by now, we have two new members to our Activity Team (Liz and Merry) so the activity programme now covers weekends as well. This brings the Activity Team to four, including Val and myself, Lisa. New to our programme of Activities: –

Guitar Lessons Scrabble Club Chess Club New Games Music sessions Poetry groups Discussion and Media Groups Extended Arts and Crafts and Personcentred care Weekend baking and sewing between the Main House and Suite

Please see the monthly planners for more information. Although we have a varied and interesting programme of Activities, we are always looking to improve and develop this where possible. Please come and see me if you have anything to add…Lisa (Activities Coordinator)

Action Plan

The details of our Action Plan can be seen here.

New Forthcoming Residents’ Activities

Please check the monthly planners located around the home for each Month’s additional Activities.

MAIN HOUSE Planner, Febuary 2020