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Coronavirus: visitor guidance update: 22-02-2021

Subject to a booking system we are now from March 15th supporting visitors to routinely see their loved ones within our conservatory as part of the first phase of indoor visits. The date coincides with residents having had their second Covid-19 vaccination dose on the 11th . Given the needs of residents and the cleaning required such visits are initially limited to three 30-minute slots per day with additional slots during Easter subject to opening up an outdoor covered area weather permitting. Slots will be allocated fairly to ensure that all residents can have at least one visit every two-three weeks. We will look to expand the frequency of visits contingent on local infection rates. For this reason, visitors (maximum of one and the same person) should be from the local area. Please call 452640 to book.

All visitors need to ring the front door at their allocated time, scan the QR code and wait for staff. Visitors will temperature checked on arrival; use the hand sanitiser, wear masks (unless exempt) and follow any other relevant advice from staff and signage in place. You will be escorted to the conservatory to undergo a Lateral Flow Test (LFD) where you will wait for a negative result prior to your relative being supported to see you. You can hold hands with your relative subject to wearing appropriate PPE whilst refraining from kissing and hugging. LFD tests will not be necessary for outdoor visits subject to safe distancing, face covering and being well.

We need to continue the current suspension of visitors to all other areas except in emergencies or other exceptional circumstances. Exceptional circumstances, in agreement with the manager, include medical visits or end-of-life situations where, subject to protective measures nominated relatives will be permitted to see their loved ones in their bedrooms subject to an LFD test.

Old Hastings House is committed to ensuring that we keep all our residents and staff as safe as possible and will follow advice which the government and local authority issue specifically to care homes. We will further relax these measures as soon as we can do so. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me on 452643 or the Care Team on 452640. Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

Best Wishes

Jason Denny

Registered Manager

call ahead of your visit as this advice may change at short notice.

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Old Hastings House was acquired by the Magdalen and Lasher Charity in 1981 and is run on a not-for-profit basis.

The main building is a fine house that was built in 1700 and became the home for an eighteenth century mayor of Hastings. Standing in its own grounds the house has 44 en-suite bedrooms, three-quarters of which are situated within the two extensions built in the 1980s. Our Magdalen Higher Care Suite has a further 15 en-suite bedrooms.

Priding itself on its family atmosphere, Old Hastings House has fine views across Hastings Old Town and is located within walking distance of local shops and amenities.